Spargelhähnchen mit Nematoden bekämpfen

Control common asparagus beetle biologically

The common asparagus beetle is an approximately 7 mm long, blue-green to blue-black colored beetle with a red neck shield. It is a common pest of asparagus crops. Its elytra each have three yellow spots and a red margin.

Both the adult common asparagus beetle and its larvae damage the plant by feeding on the aboveground parts of the plant, especially the shoot.

nema-care® against common asparagus beetles

nema-care® contains nematodes of the genus Steinernema, which are specialised in combating the larvae of the common asparagus beetle. The nematodes penetrate the larvae and secrete a bacterium which fights the larvae.

Which plants are attacked by common asparagus beetles?

Common asparagus beetles attack asparagus plants. Young plants are particularly affected.