Control grubs with nematodes

Grubs are the larvae of the leaf horn beetle. The most important species of leaf horn beetles in our country are the cockchafer, but also the June beetle, welsh chafer and the garden chafer. The adult beetles damage the plants by feeding on the leaves. More serious, however, is the root damage caused by the grubs. Nematodes are natural enemies of the grubs. The nematode species Heterorhabditis bacteriophora and Heterorhabditis downsei are specialised on grubs and can use them for feeding and reproduction.
Package size : 5 Mio. / 10 m²
Control grubs in the garden biologically and effectively with nematodes.
nema-green® cockchafer
Control cockchafer grubs biologically with nematodes.
Package size : 5 Mio. / 10 m²
Control black vine weevil larvae and grubs at colder temperatures with Hd-nematodes.