Control welsh chafer biologically

The welsh chafer is a pest of lawns. It belongs to the family of leaf horn beetles (lat. Scarabaeidae). It is an 8-9 mm large, brownish flying beetle. The flight season is early June, it often swarms in the morning. The larvae of the welsh chafer are called grubs. They can be easily distinguished from other grubs by the bristles on their backs.

Control grubs in the garden biologically and effectively with nematodes.

nema-green® against welsh chafer grubs

The nematode species Heterorhabditis bacteriophora , which is contained in nema-green® , is specialised in, among other things, welsh chafer grubs and can use them for its own feeding and reproduction. The nematodes penetrate the grubs and secrete a bacterium that kills them.

Damage cause by welsh chafer larvae

Direct damage is caused by the  grubs, which feed underground on grass roots, interfering with water and nutrient uptake by plants. Indirect damage is caused by birds and other animals (e.g. wild boars, badgers) that destroy the turf by pecking and burrowing in search of the tasty grubs.