Ameisen mit Nematoden bekämpfen

Repel ants in the garden

More than 13,000 ant species are known worldwide. In Germany, about 115 species are found. Commonly found in our gardens and on lawns are the black path ant (Lasius Niger), the yellow meadow ant (Lasius flavus) and the red garden ant (Myrmica rubra).

Nematodes against ants

nemaplus® Ameisenfrei contains nematodes of the species Steinernema feltiae. These nematodes are natural enemies of ants. Therefore, ants avoid nematode-treated soils and move their nests to more distant areas. Simply pour nemaplus® Ameisenfrei into nests and passages with plenty of water. nemaplus® Ameisenfrei is especially suitable for terraces and paved areas as well as greenhouses, plant pots and balcony boxes.

Also on lawns nemaplus® Ameisenfrei must be poured directly into the nests. When poured over the entire lawn area, the nematodes do not get deep enough into the soil to reach the nests.