Erdraupen im Salat mit Nematoden bekämpfen

Control cutworms biologically

Cutworms are larvae of butterfly owls living in the soil. These are inconspicuous gray moth species that belong to the family of owl butterflies (lat. Noctuidae). This family is the largest within the butterflies (lat. Lepidoptera). The cutworms are 3-5 cm long, green, gray or brown with dark head capsule.

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nemastar® against cutworms

nemastar® contains nematodes of the species Steinernema carpocapsae for the biological control of cutworms. The nematodes penetrate the cutworms and control them by means of a bacterium which they secrete inside the caterpillars.

Which plants are attacked by cutworms?

Cutworms mainly attack lettuce, carrots, cabbage, potatoes and turf.