Gartenlaubkäfer mit Nematoden bekämpfen

Controll garden chafer with nematodes

The garden chafer (lat. Phyllopertha horticola) belongs to the leaf horn beetle family (lat. Scarabaeidae). Their larvae are called grubs and are often lawn pests. These grubs grow up to 2 cm in size, are white and have a brown head. They often lie in a characteristic "C" position in the soil and remain there for about a year. The grubs cause the main damage by feeding on the grass roots. They often appear in groups in various places close under the turf. From August onwards, birds, badgers and other animals search for the grubs and cause more damage than the grubs themselves.
Garden chafer trap incl. attractant
Trap adult garden chafer with a biological trap.
Package size : 5 Mio. / 10 m²
Control grubs in the garden biologically and effectively with nematodes.
Refill attractant | garden chafer trap
Attractant to refill the garden chafer trap.