Control vegetable pests with nematodes

nema-care® contains nematodes of the genus Steinernema for the biological control of vegetable pests.


No chemicals and no microplastics - absolutely harmless for humans and pets.


The pests cannot develop resistance to biological control.


As the only manufacturer in Germany, we have been producing nematodes on a large scale for over 25 years.

Product information "nema-care ®"

Control pests in the vegetable patch with nema-care®.

Whether cabbage plants, potatoes, tomatoes, onion plants, asparagus, beans or carrots - in vegetable cultivation there are many pests that can cause considerable damage to the plants. Feeding on roots, stems, cotyledons and other plant parts leads to poor growth, loss of quality and, in the worst case, even premature death of the plant.


nema-care® contains 2 x 10 million nematodes of the genus Steinernema to control pests in vegetable beds. The package size of nema-care® is specially adapted for use in vegetable beds in the home garden.

Which pests can I control with nema-care®?

The nema-care® nematode product protects your vegetable plants against insect pests that frequently occur in the vegetable patch. The larvae of these pests can be effectively controlled without the use of chemicals.

  • Cabbage fly
  • Onion leaf miner
  • Carrot fly
  • Onion fly
  • Flea beetle
  • Cutworm
  • Common asparagus beetle
  • Bean seed fly

Mode of action of nema-care®

The nematodes penetrate the larvae of the pests and secrete a bacterium that kills the larvae. In the larvae, the nematodes multiply and infest further larvae. This process repeats until the nematodes find no more hosts or all larvae are killed. The nematodes specialize in the larvae of pests and are completely harmless to humans and pets.

Application time of nema-care®

nema-care® is used from April to September, depending on the pest to be controlled. The soil temperature should be above 12 °C. The treated areas should not dry out during the next few weeks.

Advantages of nema-care®

  • 100% organic
  • Lasting effect
  • No formation of resistance
  • No microplastic
  • High effectiveness
  • Nematodes directly from the manufacturer
  • Harmless for humans and pets

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About e-nema

We have been producing various nematode species on an industrial scale for over 25 years. We rely on the highest production standards and qualified employees from over 16 countries. What started in 1997 as a spin-off from the University of Kiel has now developed into a globally recognized medium-sized company with over 70 employees. E-nema stands for innovation and expertise in the field of nematode research and production. Our products are used in countries all over the world in a wide range of applications. From the professional mushroom grower to the passionate hobby gardener.