Nematoden gegen Wiesenschnaken

Control leatherjackets with nematodes

The most important species occurring in Europe are the marsh meadow snake, Tipula paludosa and the cabbage snake, Tipula oleracea. Their larvae cause the greatest damage in spring and early summer. However, they can only be controlled in autumn, when the young larvae have hatched. Decisive criteria are the damage in the course of the season and the number of pupae pods on the lawn.

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nemastar® against leatherjackets

nemastar® contains nematodes of the species Steinernema carpocapsae for the biological control of leatherjacket larvae. The Sc nematodes are specialised in the larvae of leatherjackets and fight them very effectively.

Damage caused by leatherjackets

The leatherjacket itself is harmless, it does not sting or eat plants. The only damage is caused by the leatherjacket larvae in the L3 and L4 stages, which become visible under the lawn in spring. They are gray, legless, barrel-shaped, elongated about 4 cm long and can be easily distinguished from hair gnat larvae by the so-called "devil's grimace" at the anus. Their English name "leatherjacket" is derived from their appearance, it really seems as if they wear leather jackets.