Nematode products for the lawn

Grubs or the larvae of the leatherjacket sit under the turf and feed on the roots of the lawn, among other things. This leads to an undersupply of nutrients, as a result of which the lawn dies in places and brown patches form. Our products based on nematodes help you to combat lawn pests biologically and effectively.
Package size : 5 Mio. / 10 m²
Control grubs in the garden biologically and effectively with nematodes.
nema-green® cockchafer
Control cockchafer grubs biologically with nematodes.
nemaplus® ameisenfrei
Package size: 10 Mio.
Effectively repel ants in the garden and on the terrace with nematodes.
Package size : 5 Mio. / 10 m²
Control mole crickets, cutworms and leatherjacket larvae biologically and effectively.
Garden chafer trap incl. attractant
Trap adult garden chafer with a biological trap.
Refill attractant | garden chafer trap
Attractant to refill the garden chafer trap.
Nema-Sprayer AquaNemix
Apply nematodes comfortably even on larger areas.
Irrigation aid that supports the penetration of the nematodes into the soil.