Nematoden gegen Schaedlinge im Gemuese

Control pests in the vegetable patch organically

Whether cabbage plants, potatoes, tomatoes, onion plants, asparagus, beans or carrots - in vegetable cultivation there are many pests that can cause considerable damage to the plants. Feeding on roots, stems, cotyledons and other plant parts leads to poor growth, loss of quality and, in the worst case, even premature death of the plant. The nema-care® and nemastar® nematode products protect your vegetable plants from insect pests that frequently occur in the vegetable patch, and do so completely biologically.
nema-care ®
Control pests in the vegetable patch biologically and effectively with nematodes.
Package size : 5 Mio. / 10 m²
Control mole crickets, cutworms and leatherjacket larvae biologically and effectively.
Nema-Sprayer AquaNemix
Apply nematodes comfortably even on larger areas.
Irrigation aid that supports the penetration of the nematodes into the soil.