nema-green® cockchafer

For biological control of cockchafer grubs in the garden and lawn.

100% Biological

No chemicals and no microplastics - absolutely harmless for humans and pets.

Lasting effect

The pests cannot develop resistance to biological control.

Directly from the producer

As the only manufacturer in Germany, we have been producing nematodes on a large scale for over 25 years.

Product information "nema-green® cockchafer"
nema-green® cockchafer contains a mixture of the two nematode genera Heterorhabditis and Steinernema, especially suitable for biological control of cockchafer grubs (Melontha melontha).


The package contains 75 million nematodes of the genera Steinernema and Heterohabditis and are sufficient for an area of 100m2.

 Application of nema-green® cockchafer

Mix the contents of the pack in a bucket with 10 litres of water. Mix one litre of nematode solution with 9 litres of water and apply with a watering can or the handy nema sprayer. One litre of nematode solution is sufficient for 10m2 area.
The soil or substrate should be moist when applied and kept moist for a fortnight. Allow the nematodes to rain into the soil within one hour after application.
Do not apply in direct sunlight. The nematodes work best at soil temperatures of 12 to 25°C.
Application period: Two treatments should be carried out: the first in April/May against grubs in the second larval stage and a second in August/September against newly hatched grubs in the first larval stage. The treatment should be carried out two years in a row. The ideal time of application for nema-green® cockchafer is when the soil temperature is above 12 °C for at least four hours a day.

Advantages of nema-green® cockchafer

  • 100% biological
  • Lasting effect
  • No development of resistance
  • No microplastic
  • Nematodes directly from the manufacturer
  • Harmless for humans and pets

How to use nematodes correctly

Maikäfer Engerlinge mit Nematoden bekämpfen

Control cockchafer biologically

In principle, the control of cockchafer grubs is difficult. The best way to control cockchafer grubs is in the 1st larval stage. The smaller the grubs are, the better the effect. Under favourable conditions, up to 50% of the grubs can be killed. Our product nema-green® cockchafer is specialised in the control of cockchafer grubs and achieves a good effect.

How do nematodes work?

Nematodes are approx. 0.5 mm long threadworms, of which there are over 20,000 different species worldwide. The nematodes of the product nema-green® cockchafer penetrate the cockchafer grubs and secrete a bacterium there with which they live in symbiosis. The bacterium kills the grub and the nematodes multiply inside it until it is consumed. The nematodes then move on to infest the next pest. This process is repeated until all the pests have been controlled.

Nematoden von e-nema im Detail
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About e-nema

We have been producing various nematode species on an industrial scale for over 25 years. We rely on the highest production standards and qualified employees from over 16 countries. What started in 1997 as a spin-off from the University of Kiel has now developed into a globally recognized medium-sized company with over 70 employees. E-nema stands for innovation and expertise in the field of nematode research and production. Our products are used in countries all over the world in a wide range of applications. From the professional mushroom grower to the passionate hobby gardener.